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In an increasingly security minded world, ensuring compliance with current immigration and security legislation is becoming critical for a large proportion of UK businesses. We are mindful that our broad B2B experience of using the latest screening technology to protect ourselves could be put to wider use. We offer services via our nationally accessible vetting centre that can benefit customers in this area.

At FlexPlus we have an impressive record regarding the ‘Right to work in the UK’ compliance. We have processed literally thousands of people from around the globe looking for work in the UK. Our Vetting Centres in Hinckley, Warrington and Croydon utilise the latest passport and visa screening software to ensure eligibility. We are able to guarantee for many UK businesses that only eligible workers pass through the screening process prior to work. This service is available on a pay per screen basis, giving businesses that use this service complete flexibility.

Our clients include

Flo Gas ITP Engines UK Camozzi Automotive Insulations Mac gas CostcoCarewatch Toys'Rus aldi Argos Penguin Random House  Premier Foods Triumph Oxford University Press Anicca Digital Westfield Neovia BPX VWR Lifeways April Enercom

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