When your business grows to a point when you need additional support and expertise to manage a large temporary flexible workforce with minimum impact upon your organisation.


Features and benefits

Bespoke induction training
24 hr OnSite management
'Right to work' guarantee
Management support
Performance centered approach
1 - 100+ workers supplied
Massive local talent pool
Highly competitive rates
Service level agreements

What our customers say

"Several years now with FlexPlus OnSite. FlexPlus have done an excellent job and we work well together as a team. They are open and honest with us and they understand the type of people we’re looking for." - Alan Phillips, Plant Manager, Neovia Logistics
“FlexPlus know and understand the business. They understand the operation and by being on site and in tune with the operation it gives good flow. It’s all about fulfilling the workload.” - Mitch Stokes, Transport Shift Manager, Argos