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In the short term, unless you apply for a new job that we've advertised after January 2015, there's no change. If however, you have applied to use after January 2015, you'll gain access to our iintegra powered systems.

A guide to working for FlexPlus

Temporary work can be a great solution. Whether it’s a short term salary boost, flexible work to suit your lifestyle, or a stepping stone into a permanent position, we want your experience to be a great one.  Here’s a few tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Absence from work

There may be times when you are unable to attend work due to illness, injury or personal reasons.  We accept that this can happen occasionally, however it is essential that you contact your local office at least two hours before your start time. FlexPlus will contact the company you are working at on your behalf.  Don’t forget to update us later in the day to inform us if you will be retuning to work the following day.

Rules, Policy and Procedures

The company you are working at will make you aware of their rules, policies and procedures. These must be adhered to at all times.  Do not make or receive personal calls unless it is urgent and then only after checking with your supervisor. Please take particular notice of security arrangements, parking, smoking, breaks etc. You should refer to the Terms of Engagement, which outlines further obligations for Flexworkers.

Dress and Timekeeping

You must always be dressed appropriately i.e. clean and tidy with appropriate footwear. Some of our client’s working environments require working closely with others. To save you embarrassment and for the comfort of your fellow workers, we would ask that you pay close attention to your personal hygiene. If safety footwear is necessary; remember it is for your own safety. Failure to comply could mean that you are asked to leave site. Please remember that punctuality is essential so leave ample time for your journey. If you are unsure of a client's location, please check with us before the assignment and always take our telephone number with you. If unavoidable circumstances mean you will be at all late, telephone us immediately so we can warn the company in advance.


These are completed and then signed at the end of each week by the client for whom you are working. Hours are rounded down to the nearest quarter of an hour. Remember that you are only paid for the hours that you work, and that clients will expect you to take a lunch break unless they state otherwise. Overtime is not paid unless previously agreed with the client - your consultant will advise you of the client's individual overtime policies. In order for the client to verify your hours, you must sign in and out, if so requested.

The client will fax/email us a signed copy of your timesheet, if this fails to arrive we will be unable to pay you until the following week, although we will endeavour to chase on your behalf. Please see payroll information for further payroll information 


You will accrue holiday from the date of your first assignment. Your holiday year is the 12 month period from this date and no holiday entitlement may be carried over to the following year. You may only take holiday that you have accrued (this will be shown on your payslip.)  All holidays must be approved in advance by both FlexPlus and the client. Two weeks notice is required for all holidays.

For further information, please refer to the Flexible Worker Guide, issued to you at registration.

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