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In the short term, unless you apply for a new job that we've advertised after January 2015, there's no change. If however, you have applied to use after January 2015, you'll gain access to our iintegra powered systems.

Create a winning CV

Remember your CV is an introduction to you and the skills and qualities you can bring to a potential employer. You want to make the reader interested in you and want to invite you for an interview. Your CV should not be an essay – just a brief overview of your education and employment history.

Personal Details

Include your name, address, phone numbers & email address.

Work history/experience

Your work history should be in reverse chronological order with your most recent experience first. Break down the roles into short sentences or bullet points, highlighting relevant skills & experiences gained.


Briefly list your academic & professional qualifications including the grades you achieved. If you're just leaving education put your education first, before your work experience.


List specific skills like spoken languages & software packages you use, it is also useful to state the level of skill you have e.g. basic, intermediate or advanced.


Your hobbies & interests aren’t necessary to your CV but you can add them if you wish, it helps if they are relevant to the position you are applying for. If you do include them keep it short. It can give the interviewer a deeper insight into your personality.


Details of referees are not necessary, but you should stipulate that references are available upon request. If this is your first job, nominate a school mentor or tutor but don’t forget to ask permission first.


Your CV should be no longer than 2 sides. Keep it simple & clear with no frills or attachments. Create clear headings for each section to allow the interviewer to quickly scan your CV.

If you have any questions surrounding your CV, why not contact your Flex consultant who will be able to advise you further? Good Luck!!

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