Managing staff absences

Posted on 10 October 2017

Dealing with staff absences can have a significant impact on a business. They are difficult to plan for and at best can cause frustration for managers. At worst staff absence can create disruption to businesses, customers, can result in reduced productivity and potentially a loss of revenue.

When it comes to staff taking time off for illness or personal matters there are processes and policies to follow. For individual managers, it is helpful if there are clear company guidelines in place. This is beneficial for employees too, they should know what the process is in the event that they won’t be able to come to work.

All staff should know

Ensuring staff get in touch by a certain time enables managers to start to plan for an absence. Although in certain circumstances it can be difficult for an employee to know when they will return to work, from a manager or employer’s perspective this is useful information and even an estimate can help with planning.   

The short term

The first thing is to manage the immediate gap in your workforce. This might entail organising the staff you do have differently. If it is particularly busy, there are multiple absences or you know that someone is going to be off for a period of time this might be the time to pick up the phone to a reliable recruitment agency. At Flex we are committed to find suitable individuals to provide cover even at very short notice. 

The long term

If you have staff off on long term sickness managing the situation can require careful handling. It is important to maintain contact with the absentee but this must be done in a considerate and sensitive manner depending on the circumstances. The reason for absence may be something that can’t be disclosed to other staff and this can be difficult when colleagues ask questions and are expected to pick up additional work.  

Long term absence can leave key gaps in a workforce, a good temporary recruitment specialist will be able to help with finding suitable cover and will be able to help you assess whether a temporary contract is the best approach.   

Need a temporary recruitment specialist to resolve workflow shortages due to absence? Get in touch with Flex Recruitment today and one of our experts can provide you with the help you need.

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