The benefits of temporary workers

Posted on 24 July 2017

When it comes to recruiting for new members of staff, many businesses struggle to find the ideal candidate for the job, leading to staff and skills shortages for an extended period of time and the entire process of recruitment taking much longer than necessary.

Of course, ensuring that you use a recruitment company that are experienced in the field you are recruiting for is one way to overcome this issue; but in addition to this many businesses see the benefit of recruiting temporary workers to a role to solve their staffing requirements in the short term.

The advantages for temporary work for employees themselves are vast, including:

But what are the benefits to the employers themselves?


As with the temporary workers themselves, hiring temps provides a certain degree of flexibility. You are able to essentially test out employees to see if they are a good fit for your business and if you decide they aren’t, you subsequently aren’t tied into a contract of employment with them as you are with permanent members of staff. However, be aware that Agency Worker Regulations provides temporary workers with the same employment conditions and their permanent colleagues – click here to find out more.


As some workers choose temporary work whilst searching for permanent employment, they are more often than not motivated to work more productively in order to make a good impression in the hopes of turning their temporary role permanent.

New skills

Many businesses choose to hire temporary workers based specficially on their skills; this may be to rectify a skills shortage on a particular project or temporarily replace someone with similar skills that may be away from the business (e.g. sick leave, maternity leave, career break, etc.)

Can lead to permanent

If a temporary placement goes well, you may consider hiring the employee on a permanent basis; as mentioned earlier, this is why temporary employment is ideal for businesses that like to find the right person for their business.

Would your business benefit from temporary workers? Get in touch with Flex today to discuss your requirements.


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