When I grow up...

Posted on 21 April 2015

This month we’re asking “What do you want to be?”.....

As children we all had dreams, aspirations and ideas about what we wanted to do when we grew up. But how many of us actually followed our dreams and ended up in our career of choice and how many of us just landed a job and stuck with it because it pays the bills?

Interestingly, a recent study using data from the British Household Panel Survey, shows that just 6% of adults end up working in the job we dreamed of as a child.

So, why is that? It’s true, the probability of becoming a spaceman or a footballer are probably quite limited. Whilst a salesman or warehouse manager are perfectly good jobs, they don’t make particularly exciting characters in a children’s book, I mean who ever heard of Bob the Salesman or Production Manager Pat?

Surely it’s never too late. At FlexPlus we’re on a mission to encourage everyone to dream big. To go back to the drawing board and ask yourself “What do you want to be?” Those childhood dreams may have changed, but with time, planning and a great deal of dedication, they can be achieved. Our advice, make a plan. Research your career of choice and ask yourself:-

If you need training or extra skills, start now. If not, get your CV up to scratch. Tailor it to the type of job you are looking for and start applying now. What’s stopping you?  This time next year you could be living the dream!

For successful job hunting strategies and examples of interview winning CV’s, why not download this simple but proven e-book Inspire a hire, written by ex-FlexPlus employee Richard Hobbs, then search and apply for your next position right here!

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